Antonio Brown May Not Be The Only Big Name Receiver On The Move This Offseason

Earlier this week Jay Glazer of The Athletic predicted that Odell Beckham Jr. would join Antonio Brown in this offseason’s trade market. While AB has made it clear that he intends to be traded, OBJ has taken a more precarious route. Soon after rumors started swirling about a possible trade, Odell sent out some cryptic tweets.Odell Beckham jr trade rumors Odell Beckham jr trade rumors Odell Beckham jr trade rumors





Ohhhh boy. Odell is trying to force a trade to New England.

Well, maybe.

The Giants have made it very clear that they don’t intend on trading OBJ. They just signed him to an extension and paid him a ton of money. As Giants GM Dave Gettleman said “we didn’t sign him to trade him”, but with a true rebuild in the near horizon, it may not be a bad idea.

If the Giants were to trade him, now would be the time. Even though he just signed the extension, the Giants would pay for most of it even if traded. As it stands he’s the highest paid receiver in the NFL, but if he were traded the team getting him would have the contract essentially for the 6th-highest paid receiver in the league.

There would also be a bigger market for him now. The draft has a shortage of game-changing receivers, and so does this years free agency class. The only competition is Antonio Brown, who is also on the trade-block.

Is this all just wild speculation that will amount to nothing? Probably. The idea of OBJ being traded is just way too fun to not think about when these kind of rumors are floating around though. As a Patriots fan I day dream of Odell snatching passes from Brady one handed. Every fan should want him, no matter how big a diva he is.

Odell has said in the past that he would want to play with Brady. Well time is running out and I have a feeing the Pats may be going all in for the next couple of years.

I’m sure the Patriots would very generously be willing to give the Giants a fifth or sixth rounder for him. Just saying.

-Dillon Leary




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