What Is Going On In The Red Sox Front Office

Alright so can someone please tell me what’s going on in the Red Sox front office? Yesterday a report came out that the Red Sox are shopping all of their catchers on the trade market looking for another starting pitcher. Why? Have they looked at the free agent market? I mean come on none of our catchers will bring back much of a return unless packaged with someone else. So what exactly are they looking for?

Dallas Keuchel is still on the market. Now, I’m not saying throw a ton of years and money at him but I’m sure he might bite on a 1-year deal with a contender in hopes of bringing his value back up. Obviously, he won’t be a number one starter but can 100% be serviceable as a back end of the rotation guy. Last year was a down year for him to say the least. He posted 3.74 ERA with 153 strike outs over 204 innings pitched. Not going to lie, really liking the 204 innings pitched part, especially with our bullpen being more of a question mark than it was last year. On top of that, not a single person in our rotation last year pitched over 191 innings. YIKES!

Compared to our rotation last season, he’d fit in nicely as a 4th or 5th starter without a doubt. Sale, Price, Porcello, with Eovaldi, E-Rod, Wright and Kuechel all fighting for the 4th and 5th spots? Yea I’ll gladly take that all day! He’s been in a big market, has experience pitching in the playoffs, shown he can be dominant, and has pitched over 200 innings in three separate seasons. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to at least take a flyer on this guy?

Let’s go DomDom go bring this guy in and let’s repeat as champions! Also, go re-sign Craig Kimbrel! We need him back because right now Matt Barnes is lining up as our closer and I’m not about that.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)


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