I Think Gordon Hayward is Back


Hand up on this one. I’ll be the first to apologize to Gordon if he gives me the opportunity. I said he was done, that he should be traded for deflated basketballs, I was wrong. Look, I’m often wrong, the vast majority of everything I’ve ever done has been wrong. This is no different.

Hayward has been playing very well over his last five, and the last two games we wouldn’t have won without him.



He’s shown he can be a very consistent three point shooter, just absolute cash if he’s getting hot. He’s finally starting to look athletic again, which looked nowhere to be found like a month ago.



This tweet really shows how bad he was when I was saying he was bad. Just for the record, as the stats show, at the time of me saying he was bad, he was indeed bad.

The Celtics have looked real solid these last two games against Philly and Detroit. Marcus Morris’ comments or the lack of Kyrie has really seemed to turn the team’s energy around. If we can keep this up and have players who are supposed to be good actually be good, we have a legit chance going forward.

-Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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