A Definitive Ranking of Cam Newton’s Hats

This is the ranking the people need. Cam Newton is a former MVP and NFL star.

However, the most important thing about Cam is his style.

The most critical part of this all important aspect of New England Patriots QB1 Cam Newton is his hat game.

We MUST rank them!

The only rule is that it has to be from a press conference, no off field hats here. You think games matter? No. The post game presser is the key. This was Cam’s true game.

1-5, coming your way.

Number 5 – Pink Boi

This lad is quite a load. This hat has great volume to pair with it’s bright pink color.

The triangle on the front gives depth to the girth of this lad. The pink ribbon above the brim further accentuates the extensive height.

The main color goes well with the subtle pink in the jacket. The purple triangle pulls in the main suit jacket color.

Nice hat!

Number 4 – Fringe Straw Boi

Another hit from the Patriots presumptive starting Quarterback!

The pins in the hat and the ribbon add needed context to the black straw hat that would otherwise have been lost.

The fringe of the straw hat around the brim adds a flirty vibe. The view has to look again, and notice that this hat is FUN. But also no nonsense with pins and ribbons.

Black is always a great color and obviously works well with the tank.

Very nice hat!

Number 3 – Silver and Black Boi

I reject the disrespect some of these people put on Cam and his hat/outfit.

This is a great hat and goes well with his unique suit.

Black, again, always works.

The silver ribbon adds a pop of classiness. The silver…whatever it is, wrapped around the had adds the flair we need from the leader of the squad.

The classic brim looks very good here with this suit, scarf, etc.

This is an ELITE look all around and I won’t stand for the slander.

Great hat!

Number 2 – Green and Flowery Boi

Now we are getting to the two obvious favorites here.

This juggernaut comes just short in a super-hat-bowl loss to our next candidate.

The glasses *chef’s kiss*! The fur in front *more kissing*! The green texture and bold flowers *so much kissing it is slightly uncomfortable*!

This is a 2015 MVP performance type look. The type that will carry you just short of winning it all.

I don’t have to explain this hat – glasses – bowtie – suit combo. This speaks for itself.

What I don’t want to be missed is the subtle ribbon around the brim of the hat – adds even more class to this stellar look.

And, this isn’t a hat thing, but it caught my eye. Look at the beautiful fabric of that white shirt. Wow – does that texture add another subtle flair to this look.

Wow, even the cutouts of the hat too. Tremendous.

Astounding hat/outfit combination!

Number 1 – Loverboi

This is what ideal Cam looks like. You may not like it, but this is what peak Cam looks like.

The jacket is lined with luxurious fur – perfect for those cold January playoff games in Gillette.

This is a Cam winning the super bowl in New England level hat and outfit.

The shirt and sweater combo are excellent. The glasses match the whole thing, what a legend.

Then, finally, the hat.

This hat has the word love on it and a lovely feather accent. Simple and classy. The black trim around the bottom really ties the who classy look together.

The brimless hat allows for the whole rest of the outfit to shine equally. A true team player!

This writer thinks love is critical. Thus, it must be the winner on that alone. We are pro-love here, especially in these times.

Here is Cam talking about the brimless hat himself, and he explains why this has to be #1 best. Bring it home Cam!

The champion hat.

Welcome to the Patriots, Cam Newton, hat extraordinaire!

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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