Your Fantasy Episode 3: Fournette/Kamara Drama | We Answer Your Questions

What up everyone, it’s episode three of Your Fantasy: Two Dudes, Fake Balls. This week we hit some major fantasy topics and answer some of your questions.

Leonard Fournette, Sucka No More?

We recorded this on Tuesday, by the time this episode came out it’s well known that he is joining TB12 and Gronk in Tampa. If you saw our last episode however, you would know that we think Leonard Fournette is a sucka.

BUT now with Tampa is he worth moving up your draft board? Also RIP to anyone who just drafted Ronald Jones, tough break.

Alvin Kamara, Panic or No?

More than likely it seems like Alvin Kamara isn’t going anywhere but for a few hours there we were allowed to be a little concerned with the growing unease in New Orleans. Luckily for Kamara owners, it seems like cooler heads have prevailed and he will be staying with the Saints which we explain is good news.

Twitter Questions

We asked you for some of your burning fantasy football questions and got some good responses. We dive into some questions from loyal listeners? Watchers? Something like that and perhaps shed some fantasy light onto your teams as well.

Sucka’s of the Week

After calling out Fournette last week, we decided “Hey that was fun, let’s do it again!” And we introduce our ‘Sucka of the Week” category. During this bit however Steve learns a terrible truth about Brian Urlacher that shakes him to his core and changes how he will view him forever…

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