Cam Newton Named Patriots Starting Quarterback

The inevitable has occurred. Cam Newton has been named the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Thursday morning, Jim McBride broke the news.

Stidham stans are shook.

Knew It

When Cam signed we all suspected it.

Heck, suspected is not a strong enough word, we anticipated it.

Yes, people around the team did express confidence in Stidham. The guy might be good.

But Cam Newton has won an MVP, and is a veteran the Patriots can contend with now. This was the right move.

What Does This Mean for Pats

Bill wants to improve his legacy in the face of Tom Brady’s departure.

He hasn’t said it, but we all know it.

The competitive fire that led to multiple super bowls still burns brightly.

Cam gives the Patriots the ability to contend for the division, AFC, and Super Bowl.

Stidham may have been good, but the odds of him being as good as Cam right now (let alone in the future), is remote.

The Patriots did not want to #tankforTrevor. This is a team that always wants to compete.

Cam Can Benefit Too

Don’t forget, Cam was unceremoniously kicked out of Carolina. This is a guy who has a chance to prove himself.

Cam needs a long term contract after this. The Patriots and Cam are going to be mutual beneficiaries of a business relationship.

A FUN business relationship! This is going to be so fun.

Cam, you can tell, is already a leader and a positive influence in the locker room.

Cam will play well and will get another shot. He deserves it too!

The AFC East is big mad, I tell you that.

Maybe we will get a Patriots – Bucaneers Super Bowl?

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