Your Fantasy Episode 2: Drafting Cam Newton | Leonard Fournette is a Sucka

Episode two of Your Fantasy is up and live on the Youtube. This weeks episode is pretty straight forward, we break down some breakouts and busts this year in fantasy football as well as some other topics.

Is Cam Newton Draftable? 

I mean, yeah no duh he is, but we’re talking about as your QB1 for your fantasy team. If Cam is your starting quarterback for your team did you screw up? Or are you secretly a genius?

Does Madden 21 Suck?

Steve played Madden a little bit before the release date so he gives his break down of the newest installment of the video game franchise. And Connor provides his two cents from what he’s been seeing online.

Breakouts: Not Sucka’s

We pick two players from each position (except for defense and kickers, because, come on) and tell you who we think are prime break out candidates. That’s always the joy in fantasy sports. Anyone can draft Christian McCaffrey number one overall, that’s easy. But it’s when you snag that guy you’ve been eyeballing all summer long in the later rounds and he produces like a top talent for you. That’s the joy of fantasy sports my friends.

Busts: Definitely Sucka’s

Where there is light, there is also dark. And while you might hit on a breakout or two, we’ve all succumbed to the disappointment of a bust. So again, Steve and I go through two players at each position that we think will disappoint you this year and are giving you fair warning, right now, to not draft these guys. The ring leader of the Sucka’s is Leonard Fournette. We are so done with that guy.

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