You Couldn’t Have Paid Me To Go To The Pats’ Game Last Week

So before I go in on this article, this is supposed to be a fun article and I am not taking a jab at anyone. With that out of the way, can someone explain to me why anyone went to the Pats game last week? Last week was the final game of the regular season for New England and they once again sold the game out. This shocked me because in case you didn’t know; IT WAS ZERO DEGREES OUT! Our fearless leader Nick went to the game and his freaking beer froze!

Listen, I’m a sports fan; I get that we fans are passionate about our sports. But I truly think it’s insane that people would sit in zero degree weather to watch a football game. It’s also not like it was a big game. It was against the lowly Jets who had nothing to play for. So if you went to the game, you probably sat in negative degree weather for 4 hours, paid $150 per seat, saw a noncompetitive game, and sat in traffic for another two hours. Why? I just don’t get it. During that time, I went to the gym while watching the Patriots game on the TV then got a sub on the way home to catch the end of said game. But the best part of that entire experience was me being warm! So that’s my rant, everyone stay safe tomorrow during the snow-pocalypse. Oh, AND STAY WARM!

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

Steven Santoro

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