WATCH: Isaiah Thomas and Danny Ainge are Cool

Just before the Celtics vs. Cavaliers tipped off tonight, Isaiah Thomas spoke with the media during his first trip back to Boston since the block-buster that sent him to Cleveland in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Last we knew, Isaiah wasn’t sure if he’d “ever speak to Danny Ainge again.” But last night, Ainge went out of his way to text IT before tonight’s game knowing that it would be an emotional one for both parties, and apparently they’re cool now. There was never any hate from Danny’s side though, just IT. Maybe he’s finally gotten over the trade after several months of constantly whining about it?

Look, there’s no discrediting what IT did for Boston in his short time here. It takes a lot of courage to play a game not even 24 hours after finding out you lost your sister. He is also the reason Al Horford and Gordon Hayward signed in Boston. For not being here all that long, he had a significant impact on this team and this city.

But people, we have to be able to admit that he has gone a little overboard with everything. The Book of Isaiah 2 has come off as constant whining and complaining, whether he likes it or not. And requesting to not have his tribute video tonight although he isn’t playing? I mean, come on dude. You aren’t Larry Bird, you aren’t Paul Pierce, and you aren’t Kevin Garnett. You didn’t lead the Celtics to Banner 18. You tried your hardest and played your ass off for this city, and we all respect you for that. But in the long run, all you did was help put us way ahead of schedule in terms of rebuilding. Thank you for the memories, Isaiah. And Cleveland, thanks for Kyrie.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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