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It’s An All SEC Final

Well that escalated quickly. For those of you that watched the college football playoffs last week we had 2 very different types of games. The Rose Bowl was an absolute thriller. Oklahoma came out in the 1st half looking like they would cake walk into the national championship but Georgia woke up. I don’t know what happened at halftime but Georgia looked like a completely different team in the 2nd half. They stopped Baker Mayfield, put together some drives on offense and came away with the win in overtime. It was one of the most entertaining college football games I have seen in my lifetime.


So after we had the great game of Oklahoma and Georgia then we had Alabama and Clemson. And it was the exact opposite of a thriller. As I expected Alabama came out and dominated the entire game. My prediction was a 24-17 win for Alabama. They were even better than I thought they were. Winning the game 24-6. I knew there was no way Nick Saban would lose to this team again. The guy is basically Bill Belichick. Bama was smarter, faster, and tougher. So with that said here is my analysis for the national championship on Monday.

Georgia VS Alabama Jan 8 ESPN 8:00pm

An all SEC final. Non SEC fans must be crying their eyes out. Just face it. The SEC is the best conference in the NCAA for football. They have the most talent and they send the most players to the NFL. Anyways lets focus on the game itself. These are 2 good defenses going against each other. Georgia has the dynamic duo of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel at running backs. They combined for 326yards on the ground. Thats absolutely nuts! BUT this time around they are playing Alabama. The Alabama defense gave up a total of 64 yards on the ground against Clemson. Now Nick Chubb and Sony Michel both played against Alabama in 2015 and played pretty well. So the game is going to be summed up to this. If Georgia can’t run the ball they won’t win the game. Its that simple. My best guess is that they won’t be able to do that and Alabama will win the national championship once again. Alabama 27 Georgia 10

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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