Yesterday Marked the 4-Year Anniversary of Terry Collins Hall of Fame Mic’d Up Ejection

This is by far one of my favorite sports videos on the internet. It’s one of those things that you watch and then wonder why all managers or umpires aren’t mic’d during most games. Terry Collins losing is God damn MIND and it being broadcast is everything baseball NEEDS to pump some life back into the sport.

It’s a pure masterpiece. Art if you will.

The infamous “Ass in the jackpot” debacle.

Look, baseball’s my favorite sport and that will never change. But if you can’t open your eyes and realize that the game’s dying and it’s dying fast, then you’ve got your drunk goggles set to full 2011 Red Sox pitching staff.

This is the kind of fire the sport is craving. A manager getting hot and screaming directly down the esophagus of an umpire, especially if it’s Angel Hernandez, is one of the most electric moments of any given game. But we never get to hear what they’re incoherently screaming. Imagine if we had that audio every time? It wouldn’t be the same, but it would be like how some people tune into hockey just to watch the fights. They tried to take fighting out of hockey and next thing you know, ratings are plummeting.

If Major League Baseball had any sort of sense of the pulse of their fanbase and potential fans, they’d starting mic’ing people up more. It’s the most obvious solution and they’re just…

Terry Collins’ rant here is pure gold and it’s one of those things that, if it’s on my Twitter timeline, I’m stopping what I’m doing and watching it. MLB, the formula’s there you boobs. Stop dicking around your players, get the game back in front of us so we can mindlessly watch it, and mic some of your maniacs in the game up. That’s my free advice. You’re welcome.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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