An MLB Season Could be Too Good to be True

If you are a sports fan, you have been clamoring for some league to get things underway. Safety for players and fans is the first priority, but sports are great. They help entertain, and detract attention from things people would rather not think about *cough cough coronavirus*. So when the idea of the MLB coming back gets brought up again and again, hopes are continually getting high, then low. For that reason, it seems unlikely that there is going to be baseball this year.

That is the pessimistic point of view, but each time news comes out I just shake my head. The MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred have been talking about starting the league up for almost more than two months and it seems like they are getting nowhere. Just look at this tweet from New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.

It isn’t like Stroman is the ambassador for the entire MLB, but when you have an all-star pitcher coming out and saying that what is it supposed to mean. He knows what is going on better than any of us (minus Manfred, the owners, and the MLBPA).

One of the biggest obstacles in trying to get the season started is player salary. The MLB wants players to take a significant decrease in pay to get baseball back on the field.

Yes these players would still be making millions of dollars, but they are getting money taken from their pocket by billionaire owners. I don’t see a world where the players association agrees to take such drastic pay cuts, especially since players probably have some reservations about their safety during this pandemic.

Pardon Mr. Carrabis’s French, but his point is right on the money. Players have families to take care of, so why would they be willing to risk their well-being to make way less than what they should be? It’s illogical. Almost as illogical as expecting a good year of MLB baseball in 2020.

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-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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