Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 70: Sports ALMOST Back | “The Match” | Call Her Daddy Developments

It’s another week of the Legends Lingo podcast! Powder, Fiesta, and I go deep into all of sports and see how close they really are to getting back. It’s hard to believe we’re 70 episodes in now. Before we know it, we’ll be at 100, 150, etc. Anyways, here’s the latest episode and all of the information you need to know.


Guest(s) This Week

No guest with us this week. We get into these weird patterns where we’ll have 3-4 episodes in a row with guests and then 3-4 more without guests. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to get fun and compelling guests on with us in the future. Sometimes, you need to just focus on your content without guests and that’s what we’re doing right now. The guests will be back. We promise!

Topics Covered

We get right into how each sport is progressing toward being back. How far away is the MLB from realistically starting? How is the NHL playoff format? Will the NBA be playing at Disney World? We dive into all of that. After, we briefly recap “The Match” between Tiger, Phil, Brady, and Manning. To wrap it all up, we conclude with Alex Cooper’s YouTube video comments on the Call Her Daddy/Barstool drama.

Where Can You Find Us?

Start with this blog and you’re already getting warmer. We’re available on the Couch Guy Sports website. There’s also iTunes and Soundcloud, which we’ve been on since the beginning. Recently, we just got all of our episodes onto Spotify. So there’s plenty of ways to listen to us.


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