Yellow Card Podcast Episode 17: Last Episode of 2020!

Welcome back for another episode of your favorite Soccer Podcast!

As the year 2020 ends, we are bringing you the last episode of 2020. The Yellow Card Podcast crew had a lot to talk about today and so here is the rundown.

The Crew!

As we end the year, the crew for today’s episode was as always. The boys Andrew Fasciano, Chris Jones and Diego Galvis.

Episode 17 – Topics!

So as we said, 2020 is coming to a wrap and what better to talk about than the following:

English Premier League: The boys give a recap of the season but also of what we seeing for the EPL. Boxing Day brought out more opportunities for this league to become an even more challenging one.

Everton jumps onto the 2nd spot after a victory over Sheffield United. Our cohost Andrew gives us his takes on that match. Chris and Diego give a recap on the other teams as well.

Worse/Best/Shocking Matters of 2020:

The crew is asked to give their individual takes on what was the worse thing, best thing and most shocking thing of 2020 in the world of soccer.

Make sure to check out the episode and hear what the boys had to say.

Lastly! Where do I catch the episode?

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~The Yellow Card Podcast (@Podcastcard on Twitter).

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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