Yankees Already Have Their Excuses Ready

As of March 14th the New York Yankees and their fanbase already have their excuse for why they’re going to suck this year.

The excuse comes in the form of Luis Severino, who’ll be out at least all of April with an injury.

Believe me I know, how can you expect to be a World Series contender when you’re missing your “ace” who posted a 3.39 ERA for a whole 1 month of a 6+ month season? Poor Yankees! 

The Yanks better just have him back for the Red Sox series because without his career 4.00 ERA, I don’t know how they expect to ever beat us without him.

In all seriousness though, when can we all just admit that this dude is a glorified number three starter? He has only posted below a 3.00 ERA in a season once and when he did it was a 2.98.

He has a mid 90’s fastball with decent breaking stuff, but then again so does the rest of the starters in the league. As a Sox fan, I love it!

Keep sending him out every 5th day. Keep letting him choke in big moments. Keep letting him think he’s a lot better than he is. It’s truly amazing! Looking at it as a normal baseball fans point of view, at what point do we stop classifying mediocre pitchers, like Severino, as “Aces”?

Oh, by the way the injury he’s missing time with, is on his pitching shoulder. Yea, that is the second worst spot anyone wants to hear is injured when talking about a pitcher. The reports now may say he is only out until May, but this will be a season long thing. There will be another DL, oh wait sorry, Injured List trip for Severino.

Now it is time for Dave Dombrowski to be an even bigger pain in the Yankees ass by going to sign Dallas Keuchel. Get it done DomDom!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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