The Yankees Have Just Gotten 10x More Italian

In the past few days, Brian Cashman and the Yankees have gotten very aggressive and have become buyers at the trade deadline. Better yet, they added two guys to their roster of Italian descent. 

New York is filled with many Italian-Americans and Italian immigrants who came to the city with hopes of starting a new life and creating wealth. Adding Italian players to this team helps them represent the city and all of the grit that comes with it.

The Yankees offense has struggled tremendously this year. They are 20th in the MLB in batting average, 24th in total hits, and 11th in strikeouts. They also lead the league in GIDPs. What they really have been lacking in their lineup, though, was lefty hitters who can take advantage of the short porch in right field.

Well fret no longer, Yankee fans. The Yankees have finally acquired two lefty power hitters in both Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo.

I previously mentioned some of the trades the Yankees should make that would make them sellers, it seems like they went the opposite direction. And i’m totally okay with the results.

Joey Gallo

On Wednesday evening, the Yankees made a move to acquire Joey Gallo from the Rangers along with Joely Rodriguez. The Yankees gave up 3 prospects in return, none of whom were in their top 10. The Rangers also will be covering the salaries for Gallo and Rodriguez for the remainder of the season.

Gallo provides something the Yankees have not really seen since Mark Teixeira. Power hitting from the left side of home plate. Gallo is boasting a remarkable 4.1 WAR this season. He is also batting .223 with 25 HRs, 55 RBI’s and 74 walks. 

But you have to think he would’ve hit a lot more dingers had his home field been Yankee Stadium.

Gallo has also been a great outfielder of late. The former Ranger won a gold glove award in 2020 and has kept up his defensive performance this season. He currently leads all right fielders in Outs Above Average, and has nine outfield assists. Gallo is joining a depleted outfield that only really has had Aaron Judge to hold it up.

Gallo’s mother was born in Sicily, and was raised in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. He grew up a Yankees, Knicks, Giants, and Rangers fan. Being of an Italian immigrant family and coming up successful really speaks to the heart of New York and is the goal of many Italian immigrants coming into New York. 

Anthony Rizzo

On Thursday evening, a surprise came out of nowhere. The Yankees had traded for Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs. The Yankees gave the Cubs 2 prospects (1 in their top 10) and the Cubs gave up $5.5 million in cash (to cover remaining salary) along with the 1B.

Rizzo will be a free agent at the end of this season. So what can he offer in his a short amount of time for the Yankees?

Rizzo is currently batting .248, has hit 14 bombs, and has batted in 40 runs in 92 games. He also happens to bat lefty. He will take over the 1B position for the meantime, as Voit has been dealing with injuries this year. Rizzo is also a very genuine guy and was loved by his teammates and fans.

Anthony Rizzo is also of Italian descent and his family also comes from Sicily. Rizzo actually played for Italy in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. I am manifesting that every Yankee fan only refers to him as Tony Rizzo.


Da New Yawk Yankees

It seems like Cashman called every team and just said “give me your strongest, most Italian lefty hitter.” These two new Yankees, along with the newly acquired pitcher, Sal Romano, will team up to be the most Italian group of baseball players this city has seen in awhile. Catch Gallo and Rizzo hitting bombs and eating prosciutt’ in the dugout.

-Tom D (@ThomasDiRusso on Twitter)

Feat. image courtesy of @Yankees on Twitter

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