WWE lets the talent go home for the holidays

There were a lot of surprises this week for WWE. Vince McMahon announced he’d make an appearance at Monday Night RAW, but the entire McMahon family came out in full force. “The Authority” as they like to be called made the announcement that they would no longer be the boss and that we were now in charge. 5 NXT call-ups were announced to be called up to the main roster, including the indubious EC3 and the bulldozing Heavy Machinery.

Even more surprising is that the WWE is not running live shows on Christmas Eve or Day of this year.

It may seem crazy to some, but the WWE normally doesn’t believe in an off day for holidays. As many already know, the touring life for a superstar is taxing, to say the least. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is. WWE normally make the show revolve around the holiday. Halloween? Pumpkin on a pole match! Thanksgiving? Open with a feast and food fight! Christmas? Have a wrestler run over Santa! Just a few examples of WWE’s ideas of a happy holiday.

USA demanded WWE run live shows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year, so they had to run the show. So with the annual Madison Square Garden show WWE holds on the 26th of December, they didn’t get to see their families at all last year. This year, however, they’ll get a couple days off before the grind continues, as the episodes of RAW and SmackDown were taped this past week.

Many (including myself) believe that the superstars deserve an off-season to recover from the year of throwing their bodies around. It almost happened some years ago, but now with most establishments and most corporations that are open and running year-round, I’d be shocked if we saw that any time soon.

-Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

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