Zion Williamson Really Doesn’t Want to Play for the Knicks

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but there was a time where Madison Square Garden was the mecca of basketball. Years, what feels like centuries ago, players wanted to go to The Big Apple. It makes sense, it’s one of the biggest markets in all of sports, so as a super star player why wouldn’t you want to go there?

Imagine having a team so mismanaged from the top down that 18 year olds laugh at the question of playing for you? James Dolan needs to get out, and for the Knicks sake, fast.

If I’m an NBA GM, I’m doing everything that I can to get Zion. Absolutely no exaggeration, he is a player we have never seen before. At the same age, LeBron simply was not as freakish an athlete as Zion.

I think that Dukes big 3 prevents Zion from really being the main guy and showing all his true potential. Sure, we’ve seen all the dunks, we’ve seen him hit his head on the backboard blocking shots.

Zion’s defense is what is going to set him apart as an NBA player if he can keep it up. A player this fast and strong with the leaping ability he has could make him a Kawhi level defender in the league.

How do you get by that guy? He’s too quick to just blow by and you’d probably have better luck trying to back the commuter rail down in the paint.

The Knicks should be embarrassed as an organization, but they aren’t because they’re the Knicks and they’re too stupid to even be embarrassed.

-Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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