Wrestlemania: Backlash Predictions

WrestleMania was incredible this past weekend. We got two good nights of wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. Also I must say it was nice to have fans back in attendance. The crowd on both nights were fantastic and I thought that both cards had studs of matches and duds. Now that WrestleMania is over we are on the road to the next pay-per-view. Funny enough the next pay-per-view is called WrestleMania: Backlash.

Which has me to believe that we will see the Backlash of some of the matches that took place at WrestleMania. We already have a confirmed WWE Title Match between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntrye. That is a rematch from night one of WrestleMania. I have thoughts about WrestleMania, but that will have to wait for episode 8 of Suplex Biddies. For now lets predict the matches for WrestleMania: Backlash.


Raw Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley (C) vs Asuka vs Charlotte Flair 

This prediction is coming after seeing the promo that Charlotte Flair had on Raw. The 13-time Women’s Champ decided that last night she was done being humble. She proclaimed that she wasn’t on the card for WrestleMania due to things that weren’t in her control. Flair interrupted the WrestleMania rematch of Ripley vs Asuka on Raw. Which nine times out of ten leads to a triple threat match for the title for the next PPV. I think this match has the potential to be an instant classic, and I would love to see this be Ripley’s first PPV title defense.


WWE Universal Championship 

Roman Reigns (C) vs Edge

This will be the match that we thought we were going to get at WrestleMania. With Edge and Roman squaring off for the  WWE Universal Title there will be an issue of who can afford the loss. I did believe that Roman would have dropped the title to cut his title reign in half. Now I am not so sure what WWE’s plan is for Roman’s title reign. He has had the title since the end of August. So if they want to go to a year long approach for his title reign they can. They have to do it smartly though. Edge might be the guy to take it off of Roman, but they have to decide what direction that they want to go in.


Smackdown Women’s Chamoionship

Bianca Belair (C) vs Sasha Banks 

This feud is far from over in my opinion. With Sasha Banks trending towards becoming a heel again, I can see this rematch happening at WrestleMania: Backlash. These two put on an absolute clinic at WrestleMania, and I can see this feud being one of the best that we will see in 2021. Bianca is going to be a fighting champion, and we will see this feud progress more and more in the next coming weeks. Watch out for this rematch because I think this is going to be another very good match between the two of them.


Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs The Mysterios 

The Smackdown Tag Team titles weren’t on the line at WrestleMania. They will for sure be on the line at WrestleMania: Backlash. I think we will see the Mysterios getting the opportunity to take on Roode and Ziggler for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler who are now known as the Dirty Dawgz will be defending their titles I believe for the first time since they got them if I am not mistaken. On the smackdown roster right now they can go with the Mysterios, Alpha Academy, and the Street Profits. With this being a PPV after WrestleMania, I see them going with the Mysterios to solidify the Dirty Dawgz as legitimate Smackdown Tag Team Champions.


Intercontinental Championship

Apollo Crews (C) vs Kevin Owens

I think we will finally get over the feud of Apollo Crews and Big E. Big E will get his rematch probably on an episode of Smackdown, but I see the next feud for the title being Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens. Owens had a big win over Sami Zayn at WrestleMania, and is so over that he deserves a shot at a title. You used him so much vs Roman already that he needs to fight for the mid-card title. Owens vs Apollo I think would be good, because of how good Kevin Owens is. Now that Apollo has a body guard in his corner, I see this being the next big feud for him. I think we will get them at the next two PPV events with Apollo retaining every time.


Final Thought: I think I will have a better idea of what the PPV card will look like after this week’s Smackdown. Here are my predictions for the card right now, and stay tuned for episode 8 of Suplex Biddies as their will be a lot of entertaining content on there. 


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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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