WrestleMania 37: Miz and Morrison to Try and Put Bad Bunny in the Corner

Tonight “The Grand Daddy of Them All”, WrestleMania 37 will take place live at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. There is one match that I am looking forward to seeing and that is the tag team match featuring Bad Bunny. He will team up with Damien Priest to square off against The Miz and John Morrison.

Grammy winner Bad Bunny is about to leap off the top rope on to the Miz and John Morrison at the Royal Rumble.

The WWE has been no stranger to include pop culture in their storylines to entertain fans. A few years back the WWE linked up with ‘Arrow’ actor Stephen Amell and had him feud with former WWE superstar Stardust. This newest feud with Bad Bunny has been a breath of fresh air for the WWE. The product has been generally stale with recycled feuds and the same matches week after week.

Bad Bunny is a Fresh New Angle

Bad Bunny made his WWE debut at this year’s Royal Rumble as a musical guest. Later on during the pay-per-view, he would be involved in a skit with Miz and Morrison. The two were attempting to get the music star to make a song with them. When that didn’t happen, the two heels destroyed Bad Bunny’s DJ set up. Bad Bunny would later leap off the top rope diving onto Miz and Morrison.

The Grammy award winner and Priest would set up their feud with Miz and Morrison on their eventually road to WrestleMania. “I have been a life long fan of WWE and I am excited to take the stage and entertain fans around the world,” said Bad Bunny.

Miz and Morrison in front of Bad Bunny’s Bugatti.

For the Miz, Bad Bunny has been a thorn in his side leading up to WrestleMania. This past week on the flagship show, Monday Night Raw, Miz and Morrison would deface Bad Bunny’s $3.6 million Bugatti. While many fans within the WWE Universe dismissed the angle, Miz claims that he used real paint. Following the painting incident to his car, Miz and Morrison would go and attack Bad Bunny.

From the Top Rope

This feud has been a fresh of breath air for the WWE who has struggled with exciting new storylines. People behind the scenes within the WWE have said that Bad Bunny will surprise fans on night one of WrestleMania. He has been training with WWE superstar Drew Gulak and trainer Adam Pearce. Bad Bunny practiced his jump from the top rope at least 100 times leading up to the jump at the Royal Rumble.

The Miz and Morrison have been the perfect duo to feud with Bad Bunny and Priest for this storyline. “Superstars work their entire life to get a WrestleMania match,” said Miz. “This guy comes in a couple months ago and is now going against one of the most decorated superstars ever at WrestleMania? I’m not just doing this for me. I’m doing this for every superstar who isn’t on the WrestleMania card — the ones whose spot he took. He thinks he’s going to waltz in and embarrass me, but that’s not going to happen. You step into my ring, you are going to get hurt.”

The WWE Universe should see Bad Bunny and Priest get the win at WrestleMania. With fans finally being allowed to be in attendance for a WWE live event, the excitement and buzz should be off the charts.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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