Is It Time To Ask Whether Brandin Cooks Will Be Worth The Trade?

I remember back in the summer when the Patriots acquired Brandin Cooks from the New Orleans Saints for their first round draft pick in last years draft. I was not to impressed with the player watching from a distance, I didn’t think he would fit with what the Patriots generally try to do on offense. My initital thoughts of him were he was Soft, only wanted to show off his speed and try to run past everybody. So as you can tell, when this all went down, I was not pleased with the move.

The idea of trading away a first round pick for a wide receiver, I was shocked to be honest. I thought to myself, that just isn’t something the Patriots do. Putting those resources into that position wasn’t their thing. I’ve been on board with that thought process, because of how good they have been finding guys to fill in their receiving corps through a variety of ways. Which they have been remarkably consistent at for a long time now.

Through seven games, the numbers have been okay not great. Brandin has reeled in 24 passes for 472 yards and two touchdowns, averaging almost 20 yards per catch. Their have been some growing pains with Brady as expected, but it appears that Brady likes him and trusts him.

It hasn’t always been pretty, he hasn’t stuffed the stat sheet every week. But I really believe I was completely wrong. I think he is gonna be awesome, we have only scratched the surface of what he can accomplish in this offense.

We all know he is a burner. He has immediately given them a guy who can stretch the field, which as I said earlier, I love their short passing game and all of the possession receivers we roll out. But its nice to have a guy to stretch the field isn’t it? As the season progressed, and especially after their bye week after next week, I really think he is gonna take off. He is only gonna get more in tune with Brady, which can only help.

Mark my words, Brandin Cooks will make multiple huge plays when the Patriots really get into the stretch run. He will get more comfortable every week. I believe in his ability like I absolutely did not before I got to watch him every week. Its gonna be a ton of fun watching him torch defenses in January.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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