Making the Case For the Best NFL Time Slot (Poll)

If you’re a dedicated football watcher, you know that an NFL Sunday is a science of relaxation. Every fan has their Sunday routines, no two of which are the same. Some get up early to tinker with fantasy football, while others are sleeping off the night before right up to kickoff (you know who you are). There are nacho people and wing people; some watch from a couch others from a recliner. The one thing that can throw a wrench into all of it though? Your own team’s game. Any given team will play the majority of their games at 1pm, so normally the schedule revolves around that, but other time slots have ups and downs as well. What is the most convent time for your team to play? The worst? Let’s explore…

P.S. I’ve only experienced football in the Eastern Time Zone, so this may not apply to anyone west of the Great Lakes. If this ‘East Coat Bias’ triggers you, either write your own version or move. Not my problem.

Thursday Night

You know going in the product on the field is going to be soft, but that’s only one reason to hate your team playing on TNF. First of all, its’ THURSDAY NIGHT! You’re at work all day. You have work the next day. It also leaves you with 10+ days until you get to watch your team again. Awkward spacing and bad gameplay put Thursday Night Football low on my list. There is a nice silver lining though, in that you have the entire (football) week ahead of you. By the time you click on RedZone Sunday morning, your team’s game is already old news.

Sunday, 9AM in London

There is literally nothing good about this. You have to wake up extra early, on a Sunday, which right away makes this almost not worth it. Chances are you’re watching your squad play some garbage team like the Jaguars or Dolphins (just remember, those fans have to do this almost yearly), and you have to hear all the London and ‘grow the game’ talk during the broadcast.

Sunday, 1PM

Everyone’s bread and butter. Obviously this one fits into the routine the best, because it’s the most common. You grab a quick breakfast/lunch/brunch, catch the game, and still have enough time after to get done whatever you need to get ready for the week. That is, if you’re still in the mood to be productive. Nothing throws off the mentality to be productive like a bad 1PM loss. It will ruin your day. Also, if you’re someone who likes to lock in on a single game when your team is playing, you’ll miss the best time for RedZone, and it can make it hard to follow the majority of your fantasy day.

Sunday, 4 O’clock Hour

This timeslot have everything! Sleep in, RedZone the early slate of games, not much else going on during the game, and you still have enough time after the game to clean yourself up and get to bed on time for work on Monday. The downside used to be Phil Simms was probably doing color, but now even that is taken care of! #TeamTony

Sunday Night Football

Primetime is always fun, and you get the best presentation from NBC. There is something about capping off the full day of football with your favorite team that just puts a nice wrap on any NFL Sunday. But as much as you enjoy the game, you’re going to be sitting in traffic Monday morning wishing you didn’t need to be up until 1AM watching.

Monday Night Football

Pretty much the same as Sunday Night football, but with a few changes. Hank Williams is back, which is a major plus in my book. You also get the beautiful insanity of Jon Gruden, and if you’re lucky, the sideline analysis of Sergio Dipp. However, you lose the full day experience, much like Thursday Night Football, you are at work all day, and have to be up for work the next morning as well. It’s a heck of a Gruden’s Grind(er).

Written By: Alex Barth (@The_REAL_Alex_B)

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