Eric Bledsoe Requested a Trade in the Most Wild Way Possible

Soon to be former Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe sent out this tweet yesterday afternoon, sending NBA twitter into a frenzy. With the tweet still up on his account, Bledsoe is yet to formally address what it exactly was all about. One would think of course, that this means Bledsoe no longer wants to be a Sun, but that apparently isn’t the case:

The hair salon??? Are you kidding me man, you really couldn’t come up with a better excuse than the damn hair salon? Why would you just send out a tweet like that without any sort of context if it wasn’t about wanting a trade? The hair salon thing is bs and we all know it.

For Bledsoe, he’s going to get his wish of being traded according to Suns GM Ryan McDonough. Bledsoe reportedly showed up to the Suns facility this morning for a meeting with management, and was promptly sent home and ruled out of the teams game tonight against the Kings. He most likely has played his last game in a Suns uniform.

As to why he might want a trade, there are plenty of reasons. Bledsoe is a young, talented guard stuck on a team that’s been rebuilding since he was traded there. His head coach also just got fired, so things aren’t exactly looking up. This is a team that is destined to hit the lottery again after the season is over. Being signed for a few more years, it makes a ton of sense why this guy wouldn’t want to waste his time in Phoenix anymore.

What sucks about this for the Suns is that they really don’t have any leverage in a trade. Any team they talk with about Bledsoe knows that they have no choice but to get rid of him, so they can just low-ball the hell out of them. It’s kind of similar to the Kyrie Irving situation in Cleveland in that aspect. At least Kyrie was man enough to ask for a trade face-to-face and not over twitter, giving Cleveland some sort of time to field calls before the news came public.

So where will Bledsoe end up? The Knicks, Bucks, and Nuggets are three teams that have inquired about the point guard, according to ESPN. I think it’d be absolutely pointless for the Knicks to make a move at Bledsoe, being in the same situation as Phoenix, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Milwaukee or Denver. Both of those teams will be in the playoffs and could use a somewhat elite point guard to help them win more games.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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