Worst Case Scenarios For Top NFL Draft Prospects

The NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow and will continue until Saturday, and this is one of the more interesting drafts I’ve seen in while.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about a lot of the prospects this year.  Joe Burrow and Chase Young are very good and there are some decent wide receivers going to be picked as well.  But what are some of the worst outcomes for these players, well lets find out.

Jerry Jeudy to Jaguars

For those of you who don’t know, I love Jerry Jeudy.  I think he is going to be the next big WR in the NFL and I picked him to win the Heisman this year.  With that being said, I want him to have a great NFL career and being drafted by the Jags would be the worst case scenario for this guy.  Imagine being the best receiver in college and then you’re drafted by this WR Graveyard.  Look at the names this team as messed up on, Justin Blackmon, Marquise Lee and Allen Robinson (who is really good with the Bears now).  All of these guys were stud receivers in college and went to the Jags, sucked, and one out of the three is still in the league.  But what blows is that Jeudy is the perfect pick for the Jags here.  If Minshew is your future then you need an elite WR to compliment him and Jeudy is that guy, unfortunately.

Tua Falling…Hard!

Tua is an okay QB. He’s not great, nothing special but he went to Alabama and had a decent career so he’s being hyped up.  He’s falling hard in this draft.  Before the hip injury, he was probably going top 2. Now it looks like he’ll be out of the top 5 and slowly descending into mid-first. However, he’ll probably go 6th to the Chargers but why? He can’t stay healthy and I’m not sure he’s even that good to be your next franchise QB. He reminds me a lot of RG3 when he declared and we saw how that turned out. If I’m Tua, I’m hoping I can get a team with an O-Line and a coordinator who doesn’t want me to run and oh yeah, to stay healthy.

Tampa Bay Drafting a Stud Pass Rusher

This is more of a worst case scenario for the NFL and it’s teams. Without a doubt if the Bucs don’t make it to the Super Bowl, it will be because of their defense. The offense is already loaded and will put up a ton of points this year if Brady continues to be accurate. The Bucs currently have the 14th pick and if they can land someone like K’Lavon Chaisson, from LSU, or Derrick Brown, from Auburn, can fall then they might have one of more solid teams the NFL has seen in years.

Jordan Love Being Traded Up For

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched much Utah State football to have an opinion on this guy. His numbers look really good and he’s the number 4 QB prospect in the draft from Utah State so he’s gotta be doing something right.  However, it would suck if a team traded up to get this guy and he turned out to just be a bust or a Paxton Lynch type talent.  We all remember the Broncos trading up for him and now he’s out of the league.  Not saying Love will be this, but both come from mid-major conferences and were highly rated NFL prospects.  But teams also want to land the “next Mahomes” which let’s be honest, he’s not it.  I have also seen insiders talk about Love to the Pats.  As a Pats fan I’m not sure if I want this.  I think we should ride with Stidham who learned under Brady for a year and knows the system.

Cleveland Drafts a QB

Please don’t do it.  The Browns hopefully will not Browns this weekend and draft another QB. Mayfield is your answer you just have to give him time and a competent coach. Freddie Kitchens was a terrible coach. But please don’t draft a QB.  I know you sit at number 10 and I don’t think they’ll take a QB there. But what about in the later rounds with like Jake Fromm or Jacob Easton? Just don’t do it, build around Mayfield and get an O-line for the guy.

I don’t have much hype for this draft to be honest. Being a Pats fan, they have always traded away their picks which has left me feeling ‘meh’ about the draft. I think this year is one of the best WR classes we have seen of recent and the top prospects are top level talent.

-John (@Uncle_Mac4)

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