I Mean, If Jason Witten Can Return, Can’t Rob Gronkowski?

Tight End Jason Witten announced Thursday that he is coming out of retirement to play another season with the Dallas Cowboys. He will be 37 years old by the start of the NFL 2019 season. Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, however, will only be 30 years old by the start of next season. Although Gronkowski has taken a beating over the course of his career, with the news of Jason Witten coming out of retirement to play again, maybe Gronkowski will consider returning also.

Witten, with a career of 1152 reception, is ranked fourth among NFL tight ends. Gronkowski isn’t remotely close to that stat, having only 521 career receptions. Although Gronkowski won’t catch Witten in that stat, he will add to that next season. One stat that Gronkowski has over Witten, although, is total touchdowns. Witten has a total of 68 touchdowns in his career, while Gronkowski has 79 touchdowns. If Gronk retires, Witten will most likely surpass him in that category.

Gronkowski is also a three-time Super-Bowl champion, (DNP in Super-Bowl LI), while Witten hasn’t been to a Super Bowl. Although the chances are very unlikely the Cowboys win the 2019 Super-Bowl, the Cowboys should make the playoffs and just maybe, have an outside shot at a Super-Bowl appearance. Something that Jason Witten would cherish. You never know. With Witten returning and having already impressive stats, that will only get better, Witten could potentially be considered, in some people’s view, the greatest Tight-End ever to play the game.

There have been so many great tight ends in the history of the game, that it is just hard to consider one as the greatest tight end ever to play. When hearing the news about Witten returning to the game, I did think about some comparisons between Witten and Gronkowski.

Trying not to be biased, I just feel that Gronk is the better tight-end of the two. Although Gronk did not have as many catches as in previous seasons last year, he was outstanding in blocking. He was the complete all-around football player. It was like having an additional lineman. I do hope Gronkowski gives it one more year, maybe even two. He is a vital piece of the Patriot’s offense, one of the game’s best tight ends, and will only add to the Patriot’s chances of returning to the Super-Bowl.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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