With Josh McDaniels gone, who will be the next Patriots OC?

Well Patriots fans, it looks like the time has finally come. Josh McDaniels is leaving and going to be the next head coach for the Las Vegas Raiders, according to Adam Schefter. McDaniels has been drooling at the mouth for a second chance at head coaching ever since Denver didn’t pan out and the Colts fiasco happened. So with McDaniels on his way out, one questions remains. Who will be the Patriots offensive coordinator in 2022? We’ve seen some names float around. But let’s take a guess at a few names that could replace Josh McDaniels as Patriots OC.

Patriots OC Candidate #1: Bill O’Brien

This seems to be a lot of people’s first choice. O’Brien is a guy that is familiar with the Patriots, having been a QB coach and offensive coordinator back in the 2010’s for the Patriots. He’s currently at Alabama under Nick Saban. This could be a great choice for the Patriots to capitalize on for 2022. He ran a great offense for the Patriots back in 2011 with the two TE system of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. O’Brien could have a lot of fun with Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith in two TE sets. Plus, Mac Jones was at Alabama while Bill O’Brien was there. Can’t say it’d be the worst thing in the world for Mac to have some he’s comfortable working with in 2022.

Patriots OC Candidate #2: Chad O’Shea

Credit to Bobby Thompson here because that is quite the name. Chad O’Shea is currently with the Cleveland Browns. But could we see him make a return to New England? O’Shea left with Brian Flores when Flores took the job with Miami after the 2018 season. But that only lasted one season. So this could be an opportunity to bring O’Shea back into the fold as offensive coordinator. A big thing to remember too is that when O’Shea was in New England, his main responsibility was the red zone offense. The red zone offense can definitely use some work for 2022 in New England. If Bill O’Brien doesn’t work out, then O’Shea is a solid back-up option.

Candidate #3: Adam Gase

Before you throw up everywhere, just know that crazier hires have happened. Evan Lazar gives some good reasoning for Gase in his blog for CLNS media here. I know that Gase didn’t work out as Jets or Dolphins head coach. But Bill Belichick has always liked Adam Gase and respected him as a coach. This one is way more of a long shot. But if the Patriots can’t land on guys like O’Brien or O’Shea, maybe the Patriots kick the tires on a guy like Adam Gase.

In Conclusion

Who knows who the leader is to become the next Patriots OC? Whoever it is better not ruin Mac Jones. Mac needs to continue to develop under the next offensive coordinator. So the Patriots better get this right!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: pff.com

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