Will there be added pressure on the Celtics if the Patriots don’t perform?

In Boston, we — rightfully so — deem ourselves “Titletown.” 12 Championships in 20 years. Some franchises wish for a chance to make playoffs. That’s the standard for the teams that play here. The bare minimum, some would say. We expect to make the playoffs every year, in every sport. It’s actually insane when you think about it. We, as sports fans, are so spoiled. That’s another topic, but you can’t doubt that winning is what we expect because it’s what we’ve known. It’s also no secret that a major part of the championships come from the New Egland Patriots.

Yesterday’s loss was a tough one. It was one that gave you a real look at what could be the new-look Patriots. The Pats have been at the forefront of Boston’s dominance. With them looking this bad and the Celtics in line to make a championship run for the foreseeable future, one should ask. Will the eyes from Pats fans/media add pressure to the Celtics? I don’t know if I personally believe it will, but I think it’s a fair question.

People will lose a little interest in the Pats, especially if they miss the playoffs, and the Celtics will be starting right at the end of the NFL regular season. People will actually be paying attention to the beginning of their season.

Normally, the Cs wouldn’t be the focus point until after the All-Star break. The radio will need something to talk about, and callers would be calling about them because they’re the ones playing, and again, have championship expectations. The Pats season is far from over, and I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. If Bill can make a move, I don’t really know, but I do know never to say it’s over until it’s over. That’s for sure. The C’s need to make some moves too, but as a sports fan — which I guess you can say is trying to be in the media — this thought makes me laugh. I imagine Gary from Abington calling in saying, “I’m forced to watch the Celtics, and they STINK!” after playing back to back and resting players. It’s an interesting question, and I’m curious to find out the answer.

-Mike (@amikewithamic_)

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