Jon Bostic Should be Suspended for The Hit on Andy Dalton

Yesterday afternoon in the Washington Football Team’s 25-3 win over the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton took a massive shot courtesy of Washington linebacker Jon Bostic.

The collision gave the veteran Dalton a concussion that caused him to be motionless on the field for a few seconds. Fortunately, Dalton was able to get up and head to the locker room with some assistance. Nevertheless, the situation was scary and something you never want to see.

Moving onto the other side of the play, the aforementioned Bostic was ejected for the hit and should be expecting a fine from the NFL. Still, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the linebacker is not expected to be suspended.

With all that being said, the NFL is making a mistake. The blow that Bostic unleashed on Dalton was bush league. If you watch the video back, Dalton is mid-slide when Bostic takes his shot. And yes, the NFL does move fast and can be very “bang-bang” at times, but this was a play where Bostic HAD to have seen Dalton giving himself up.

Without a doubt in my mind, I believe Bostic should be suspended. The hit was clearly a cheap shot and should be considered as nothing less. To me, it kind of looked as if Bostic was just waiting for Dalton to be vulnerable so he could hit him into next week.

I am aware that what I have to say will mean nothing, but is the NFL serious?. The league preaches “player safety”, but I rarely see them practicing that mantra. Whether that be with dirty hits or the COVID-19 situation, they only seem interested in the revenue the league creates.

So, if the NFL really wants to take plays like this out of the game, they should start setting a precedent. Suspending Bostic would definitely do that, but that does not seem like a likely outcome.

– Jarrod Ribaudo (@jarrod_ribaudo)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @Sportscenter

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