Will NFL Refs Ever Call Pass Interference If Gronk’s Involved?

Before I start this blog, let me preface it by saying that in no way am I saying that this is the reason why the Patriots lost this game on Sunday. They beat themselves up from start to finish. I mean, 14 penalties for 106 yards? Are you kidding me? But it’s the same story with Gronk here as it’s always been. Manhandled, beat up, but the refs refuse to call any pass interference when he’s involved. 

This was on the final drive of the game when Tom Brady refused to move the ball up field for the final 20-yards and just kept firing it into the end zone. That’s a whole other gripe that I have that drive but we’ll let it slide. 

It’s so frustrating watching Gronk play sometimes because defenders just have different rules when they play him. We’ve seen it year after year. Defenders can basically punch this guy in the mouth while he’s 15-yards field downfield but because he’s such a behemoth, the stripes will let it slide. 

And again, in no way am I saying that this was something that would have changed the game. With the way the Patriots have played in the red zone this season anyway, I’m not even confident that they would have scored if they brought the ball to the one yard line. 

The only way that the refs can justify this no call is by saying the ball was uncatchable and well, Brady did fire this thing a little wild like he has been all season. 

But what is Gronk supposed to do? Remember last year when he elbow-dropped someone on the Bills? That was all of the frustration built up from getting beaten up going downfield time after time with no flag being thrown. That would infuriate me if I were him too. 

Shoutout to me for getting that video up on the Couch Guy Sports account

It’s just so maddening to watch this every week. Let’s be honest, he isn’t the same guy anymore by any stretch. If he’s going to get open, he’s got to be played like everyone else but that will never happen because the precedent was set so long ago. 

It was a field day for flags thrown against the Patriots on Sunday so something beneficial would have been nice from a fan’s perspective. Not like the team didn’t deserve the penalties. They were so frigen bad on Sunday I wanted to puke. 

Screw it. On to Buffalo. 

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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