Why the Patriots Should Move On from Brady

First off, I love Tom Brady.  The man is the GOAT and I am beyond thankful that the sixth round pick turned into the greatest football player/winner of all time.

But sports is a business and Brady is 42, and that is way too old for a starting QB and I don’t care how good he is.  I don’t know how much Brady will want or what kind of contract he will want, but after seeing his Instagram today them man clearly wants to play for at least 2-3 more years.

If Brady wants to come back to the Pats for a one year- $15 million contract then fine.  Pay him because he deserves it and give the man someone to throw to for the love of the game.  But if he walks into the meeting with Bill and the Krafts and says he wants 2-3 year worth $45 mil+ I’m sorry Tom, but see ya.

The Pats should move on because at some point you have to build back to this elite level with young guys.  Now I’m not sure if Stidham is the guy to replace Brady, but he’s a fine young QB who had a decent college career.  However if the Pats have the chance to trade for a young QB like say Baker Mayfield or Dwayne Haskins then I’d say make the trade.  However if they are able to trade up in the draft and get like Tua or Fromm later in the draft then I wouldn’t hate it either.

Bill is the GOAT coach and I truly believe he can adapt to and put in place an offense for any QB who starts next season.  So if Brady is willing/only wants one more year then do that, obviously bring Brady back.  But if he wants 3 more years, then try to trade for a young guy or move up.

Either way Pats fans should be excited for the next generation to come up.  Because I know I am!

Personally Prediction: Brady to Chargers or Bears

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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