Celtics Game Gets Heated Against the Spurs

Last night, Celtics Point Guard Kemba Walker returned to playing after a bought with the flu. However, he didn’t last long. In the third quarter, Walker was assessed two quick technicals and was ejected from the game. After a bad non-call by first year official, Kemba argued using profanity. After swearing at the official twice, he was sent out of the game. Brad Stevens was also assessed one tech for arguing.


We can probably debate for hours on whether or not this was a fair ejection. Bases on NBA rules, officials are supposed to assess technicals if players use profanity towards them. However, is it really necessary to give two back to back immediately? Walker definitely deserved the first one if he broke this rule but the official should have let the original situation play out before thinking about the second. If the game goes on and Walker is still mouthing off, sure, give him the second. Two consecutive ones is just too much. What this was is a rookie official looking to establish himself in the league.

Kemba Walker is a pretty odd choice to prove yourself with. Kemba Walker, until last night, had never been ejected from an NBA game. He’s also, probably one of the most likable players in the league. This official saw an opportunity to prove he was tough and took it. The NBA Officials may have backed him but he clearly has some egg on his face. Even non-Celtics fans could see that it was a bad call.

Celtics fans were very upset though. One fan in particular even threw a 20 oz Truly can from the balcony towards the Spurs bench. This is the type of behavior that gives fans a bad name. There’s always one person that thinks they’re being hilarious by doing something like this and it ruins it for other fans. It’s never acceptable to put people in danger. Whether it’s other fans, players, coaches or officials. Nothing it happening that is so terrible that they deserve to be hurt. This fan was escorted out of the arena and then arrested, as he should have been.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, Walker’s ejection set the tone for the rest of their game. They struggled early on agains the Spurs in the first quarter but Walker’s ejection seemed to be a nail in the coffin. Even Brad Stevens threw in the towel early by putting in Tacko Fall in the second quarter. In the past, Fall had only been playing in the fourth in garbage time. It was almost like the team decided to just go through the motions for the rest of that game.

They ended up losing by their second largest margin of the season 129-114.

Luckily, the Celtics have a decent chance to bounce back against the 76ers tonight. Kemba will be more rested having played a little over half the game last night and Philly is missing Embiid. This will be a great time to play a great game against an Eastern Conference rival that they have yet to beat this season.


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~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Yong)


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