Why the Patriots NEED to Play the Buccaneers on Thanksgiving Night!

The NFL schedule is coming out very soon. We already know as Patriots fans that the Patriots will be playing the NFC South and AFC South next season. This means that a return of tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski is inevitable. But could it potentially be happening on Thanksgiving night?

So there could be the possibility of a turkey day matinee in Foxboro. Here’s the reason why this possibility needs to be a definite at this point!

The Brady-Gronk Return

Listen, the return of Tom Brady and Gronk to Gillette is enough to get ratings up. We all know the story of Brady leaving last offseason. There’s also Gronk who retired after the 2018 Super Bowl win and then suddenly unretire and go down south with Brady. People don’t forget about what happened. With these two making their way into Gillette with road jerseys on, people will be watching to either cheer or boo.

Brady vs. Belichick

Brady won round one by winning the Super Bowl last year with the Bucs. Now? Belichick went out and spent a vast amount on free agency. Let’s face it. Bill couldn’t stand the fact that Tom won without him last year. He’s willing to do anything possible to beat Tom and prove he can win without arguably the greatest QB in the game, ever.

The Patriots Status Up To That Point

We’ll know what type of team the Patriots are at that point in the season. Will they be good? Is there a chance they could be playing for a division title? If they played at the beginning of the season, that might not be a good indication of what they actually are as a team. How will the defense be with their starters back and rejuvenation at a lot of positions? Who will the QB be in that game? There are plenty of questions that will be answered before this game.

In Conclusion

Turkey. Family. Football. Pats and Bucs on a Thursday night? Sign me up! Is there really anymore that needs to be said? Give me all of the headlines and (hopefully) a good football game between two competitive teams.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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