Why The Patriots NEED To Go 19-0

Last Saturday, I got a chance to drive up to Foxboro with my uncle and best friend. I along with 17,000 Patriots fans got a chance to watch the defending champions practice in person. Considering that I’ll never actually get a chance to watch a game in person, this was the closest I’ll get to that. When talking to fellow Patriot fans, the discussion of course came up of whether the Patriots would go 19-0. To the surprise of me, there are a ton of Patriots that don’t want the team to go undefeated. Not that they don’t think their capable of it, they just don’t want it to happen. To what I say is absolutely ridiculous.

Now obviously, I understand where this is coming from. Despite winning two Super Bowls since, the pain of the 2007 season is clearly still in the minds of many Patriots fans. So much so that they would prefer them to lose in the regular season. But I think that’s utterly stupid. The Patriots have a very real chance, once again, to achieve perfection. They went 17-2 last year, Tom Brady missed the 1st 4 games (it’s a long story), Rob Gronkowski missed the entire postseason, and they added pro bowl 2 Pro-Bowl talents in Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. So they got better, there’s no question in that. The opportunity is clearly there and I want it. And considering how 2007 went down, I think Brady and Belichick want it too.

But another factor is the people outside of Massachusetts. Like any great team, the Patriots have gained a lot of hate over the years. So much so that people still try to make the case that Tom Brady still isn’t the greatest quarterback of all-time. Maybe they have the leg to stand on, but it’s more likely that it’s just pure spite. So as a Patriots fan, how could you pass up the opportunity to rub a perfect season into the face of Patriot haters? Now of course, if they make to the Super Bowl perfect and lose again, then it blows up in your face. But what if they win? You as Patriots fans can officially say that they have done something that NO ONE has ever done. Not to mention that it would cap of a second dynasty this century for the team. To me, the reward outweighs the risk significantly. So as of August 2nd, 2017; I Steven Vincent Santoro officially predict that the New England Patriots will go 19-0 this season. You heard it here first.   

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

Steven Santoro

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  • Even though as a Steelers fan I would rather the stats will be the opposite of what you’ve predicted, I still had to like your post. Good write.


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