Steph Curry Crashing Parties and Crushing Brews

Apparently Steph Curry is still partying hard because he crashed some random house party in Newport RI over the weekend. 

The story is that Steph came knocking at the door when he heard music and the next thing these kids knew they had one of the biggest names in the NBA shot gunning beers in their house. Phenomenal. 

Being a true Celtics fan, I would not let Curry into my party. Yeah he is a former MVP and NBA Champion, but he is still not getting into my party. I dislike how the Warriors play basketball AND he would steal all the girls at the party. I know I will get a ton of backlash for saying that I would not let Curry in, but I really do not care. If IT, Horford, Hayward, or literally any Celtics player showed up to my party I would let them in. 

I have honestly not liked Curry’s game and he is on a team that the Celtics could possibly have to go against in the Finals. IF I did invite Curry in, I would try to get him as drunk as possible hoping that he would injure  himself. Sorry Warriors fans, but it is the truth.
So, I have one question for all of you readers. Would you let Steph Curry crash your house party?

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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