Celtics Start Their Playoff Journey Tonight… in Brooklyn

The Boston Celtics start their best four out of seven contest against the number two seed, Brooklyn Nets. It feels like just yesterday that the Boston Celtics made that trade with the Nets that sent Hall in Fame players, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, to Brooklyn in exchange of draft picks. It was one of the most questioning trades on Brooklyn’s part because both players, Pierce and Garnett, were on the tail end of their careers.

However, fast forward to the present and now the Celtics are the ones with the egg in their face. The Celtics hold onto all these draft picks and Brooklyn has no issue giving up future picks to win now. That is how they got guard, James Harden and now Brooklyn is one of the heavy favorites to win the NBA Championship. They stole superstar point guard, Kyrie Irving, just after two seasons with the Celtics and they successfully recruited superstars forward, Kevin Durant.

The Celtics realistically have no chance in this series. No one is giving them a shot and, why should they? The Celtics have been a real disappointment this season and I believe, fans just want this year to be over.

My hope is the Celtics do not get swept, even though that is a high possibility. All the team needs to do is one game before game 4, whether that is in Brooklyn or game 3 at home. Make the series interesting is all I ask. The Garden is going to be “near full” come May 30th and it would be a tough look for the team if they were down 3-0 going into that game. So, one game is all us fans need.

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Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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