Julio Jones admits on Undisputed that he’s out of Atlanta, so where does he end up?

The Julio Jones drama continues to pile up. We are aware by now that Julio Jones is out in Atlanta. It’s pretty obvious. But man oh man, did I not expect to see this coming. During the FS1 hit show “Undisputed”, co-host Shannon Sharpe called Julio personally to see what the deal was with his current situation. Let’s just say the results were surprising to say the least.

So it sounds like Julio is definitely traded within the next few weeks, but where could he go? So the question remains. Julio Jones admitted he’s out on Undisputed, so where does he end up now? Let’s look at some options.

Now That He’s Out of Atlanta, Could Julio End Up with Justin Herbert and the Chargers?

This is my dark-horse pick. The Chargers are trying to build up something in Los Angeles. They have Justin Herbert as their franchise quarterback. Now they could use another receiver for him. Julio would be a great fit for the Chargers. He can be on the other side of Keenan Allen and make that offense even more explosive. Again, this is a dark-horse pick. But then again, crazier signings/trades have happened.

Could Julio Find His Way to the Ravens?

The Ravens are a team that LOVES getting veteran wide receivers. Look at the signing of Dez Bryant. They want to give Lamar Jackson as many weapons as possible. The Ravens are sick and tired of getting knocked out of the playoffs early. Julio could give the Ravens another offensive weapon that they could certainly use. Don’t be surprised if the Ravens pull off this trade to get Julio in Baltimore.

Julio Jones is Out in Atlanta, So Could He Play with the Patriots?

I wrote the other day about how the Patriots could realistically try to lure Julio away from the Falcons. They need a number one receiver. It’s been reported that Julio wants to play with Cam Newton. Why not make the trade and make a great offseason even better? Julio will be the number one receiver and in a better position than he currently has in Atlanta. The Patriots would be wise to make the move for the coveted wide receiver.

In Conclusion

Julio has made it clear. He wants out of Atlanta. So now I ask the question once again. Julio Jones admitted on “Undisputed” that he wants out, so now where does he end up? The three teams named above are viable options. But could there be another mystery team that comes in and snatches Jones up? Let us know on twitter @CouchGuySports. Everyone buckle up. The Julio Jones story is about to go on a bumpy ride!

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