Why doesn’t the CDC Guidelines apply to the NFL?

Alright so two days ago, Cam Newton tested positive for COVID. They moved the game to Monday, which is wild in itself. First off, the Steelers and Titans canceled a week in advance but, the NFL moved the NE/KC game to Monday with zero hesitation. Just solidifying the thought of the NFL doesn’t care about their players. Today, Jay Glazer reported that Cam is asymptotic meaning he can return earlier.

According to NESN, the NFL protocol is:

— Asymptomatic players can be reactivated once 10 days have passed since the initial positive test OR five days have passed since the initial positive test AND the player returns two consecutive negative PCR virus tests separated by 24 hours.

— Symptomatic players cannot return until at least 10 days have passed since the first COVID symptoms appeared AND at least 72 hours have passed since symptoms last occurred.

So, this could be sweet. We’ll get our QB soon. Hope Cam is healthy and ready to return. Now, why is the NFL more powerful than the government?

The NFL makes its own Laws

It comes as no surprise yet, I’m surprised. The NFL is putting business over the safety of their players. The CDC, you know, the organization that was made strictly for public help against diseases? That same CDC has been telling everyone to quarantine for 2 weeks if you have COVID or symptoms. So why is it 10 days for the NFL? I’m going away in a month and will have to quarantine when I get back. That’s a four day difference between the regular person and an NFL player. What if I absolutely needed to work and that four days would impact my life greatly? Nah, can’t swing it Jack, but the NFL needs its billions so they’ll play. It’s wild to me, not only that the NFL does it, but we don’t care. I mean I’m typing this article and I’m pretty upset and confused by it but as soon as I’m done — I’m going to watch the game. Wild times right now, man. Hopefully we never deal with this again. One day, maybe but probably not, the normal citizens will get athlete treatment. For now, where a mask and be safe.

-Mike (@amikewithamic_)

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