The Untouchables

Due to all of the free agency buzz, the Boston Bruins are in for a tumultuous week. Bruins fans are anxiously awaiting for mastermind General Manager Don Sweeney to make pivotal moves to the current roster. However, alongside the variable pieces of a team remain the untouchables. According to hockey Twitter accounts, Don Sweeney claims the roster has the key pieces that are not up for the market.

Of course, Sweeney will not voluntarily disclose those names; however, fans can make their assumptions as to who will stay. Shall we start with our King himself?

Mr. Game 7 – Patrice Bergeron

This untouchable goes without being said – Patrice Bergeron is the franchise player of the Boston Bruins. Under any circumstance, it is highly unlikely the Bruins would trade Bergeron or he would leave on his own. The Alternative Captain, or as Captain Zdeno Chara likes to refer to Bergeron as his Co-Captain, has been an active player on the Bruins roster since 2003. The Bruins selected Patrice Bergeron in the 2003 NHL Draft as the 45th overall pick. Patrice is the type of leader who abides by the phrase, “there is no I in team”. The four-time Selke winner is one of the most admired players in the NHL, not only because of his elite skills but the respect and class he shows to everyone.

Bergeron usually comes in clutch when needed as demonstrated in his postseason games. We all remember Game 7 back in Toronto against the Leafs, huh? Bergeron with four goals now leads the Bruins in postseason overtime goals. Although missing some games due to injuries, he finished the shortened season with 56 points (31G, 25A). Bergeron had a career-high of 79 points (32G, 47A) last season.

Safe to say, we are not seeing Patrice Bergeron leaving the Bruins for another team anytime soon. After all, the Bruins top line is called the Bergeron line.

The Man You Wish Was on Your Team – Brad Marchand

The next untouchable is the man you love to hate if you are not a Bruins fan – Brad Marchand. Marchand has turned into an elite left-winger in the last 11 seasons. He is the type of guy to get all in your face (literally) on the ice. He is a huge asset as a playmaker for the Bruins roster. Marchand worked his way up throughout his career. He started on the last line and now is a star player on the best line in the NHL. Rightfully recognized for his hard work, the NHL named Marchand on the Second Team All-Star Team.

Marchand had his second to best season this year, finishing with 87 points (28G, 59A). Last year Marchand ended the season with 100 (36G, 64A) points, his best to date. He finished in the top five for points last season.

This playmaker is not leaving the Bruins anytime soon.

Rocket Richard Trophy Co-Winner – David Pastrnak

This kid… he is the future face of the Boston Bruins. He is talented, he scores goals, and he has a huge personality to bring energy to the Bruins roster. Drafted back in the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft, David Pastrnak put in serious work to land a spot on the Bergeron line. You may take a look at him and think he has always been the stud he is. His name started to really get thrown around in the 2017-2018 season. And now, the man was on fire and was on track to have a 100 point season if the NHL did not come to an abrupt halt.

This season was the best Pastrnak had yet, he finished with (48G, 47A) 95 points leading him to tie with Alexander Ovechkin for the most amount of goals in the regular season. Pastrnak has a bright hockey career in front of him, and he is on the quest for the Stanley Cup.

The Young Stallion – Charlie McAvoy

There comes a time in a man’s career where he will eventually surpass his mentor. It is safe to safe, Charlie McAvoy has taken over the reins from Zdeno Chara as the top defenseman on the Boston Bruins. The Bruins would not dare to move the young 22-year-old. McAvoy leads the Bruins in even-strength ice time.

Over the past few years, the Bruins have become a less physical team. If they want to bring back the “Big, Bad Bruins”, they need to reel in guys who are not afraid to drop the gloves like McAvoy. McAvoy acknowledges his strengths and weakness and continues to prosper in his role as the leading defenseman. He wants to be able to contribute more as an offensive defenseman.

The younger players like McAvoy and Pastrnak are the future leaders of the Boston Bruins. If they continue to excel in their positions, the Bruins will have a talented future ahead.

The Great Debate – Tuukka Rask

We have heard the buzzing all across the Internet that Tuukka Rask’s name has been in conversations about leaving the Bruins. The Vezina finalist has one more year left on his contract. The reality is that Rask will probably hang up the gloves and retire once his contract is up. It would not make any sense for Rask to leave or for the Bruins to trade him for another player. Rask is the best goalie option for the Bruins at the moment.

Earlier today, Don Sweeney cleared the air with some comments. Sweeney said, “As a matter of fact, our staff has communicated with Tuukka, and as I said before, he remains a big part of our roster planning going forward, because I think, by my knowledge, he was second in the Vezina balloting.” Why would the Bruins trade one of the NHL’s best goalies?

Rask had an incredible season with a .929 save percentage.

Comment below to share your “untouchables” list!

– Fran Romero (chess_romero)

Featured image courtesy of Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America.

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