Who is going to be quarterbacking the New England Patriots this season?

New England Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham organized a workout with the team’s pass-catchers.

The New England Patriots essentially have a brand new looking offense from just a season ago. After acquiring two of the top tight ends in this year’s free agent market. And grabbing two promising middle of the pack wide receivers. The Patriots have a lot of new faces on the offense that need to learn the playbook. 

Even though the 2020 season didn’t necessarily go as planned for quarterback Jarrett Stidham, he is still preparing for this upcoming season in a way that he can still help the team. In doing so, Stidham has organized a workout to get the new weapons in New England’s offense more acclimated with the playbook. 

Some of the new weapons in the Patriots offense include tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. As well as wide receivers Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. However, the organized workout could also include receivers like Julian Edelman, Gunner Olszewski, and Jakobi Meyers.

The criticisms of Stidham can lean either way. But it’s fair to say that he never really did much to stand himself apart from any of the other quarterbacks he’s shared the roster with since 2019. However, Stidham did beat out veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer to back up Tom Brady during his rookie season. It would be great to see him provide a solid quarterback battle against Newton (if it comes downs to that). 

Is Cam The Starter All Season?

After the team re-signed quarterback Cam Newton to a relatively inexpensive contact for the second consecutive season, it’s fair to assume the Patriots starting quarterback this season is still unknown. Therefore, Stidham is trying to do anything he can to throw his hat back into the race for the future quarterback successor of the Patriots. 

However, considering the trial run with both Stidham and Newton. And the upgraded artillery in the Patriots arsenal. There’s a strong possibility that the Pats try and move up in the draft to select a high-end quarterback. With that being said, the most rumored rookie for New England to make a run for is Justin Fields. 

Phil Perry, NBC Sports Patriots insider, talked about what it would take for the Patriots to land on Fields in the draft on the most recent episode of his Next Pats podcast. Joining him in the conversation is NBC Sports Edge NFL draft analyst, Thor Nystrom. 

In the episode, Perry made his case for the Patriots maneuvering a trade that would move them up to the seventh overall pick in hopes of selecting Fields. Also in this episode, Nystrom said that Fields is without a doubt the most accurate passer in this year’s draft class. And that he believes Fields would fit well in the Patriots offense. 

So, with all of this new found weaponry. Are the Patriots finally interested in pulling the trigger on selecting a high-end quarterback in this year’s draft? I would believe the window to do so would be now! 

Draft A Quarterback

The Patriots already have a great receiving core with Smith and Henry. Both are under contract for at least the next three years. Even though they’re both tight ends, they are more than likely going to be the leading receivers for the Patriots this season. Along with sprinkling in some second-to-third tier wide receivers over the course of a few seasons. The Patriots would have a solid and productive offense. 

So it would be ideal for the Patriots to finally get a young quarterback. One that they feel confident enough in being their franchise player. However, if the Patriots do like Fields. And are able to snag him in the draft. He can do similar types of things in the offense that Newton does. 

Consequently, Fields would be more accurate and faster than Newton. Although Fields has the speed to escape a defensive rush, he is calm and cool and doesn’t mind slinging it back from the pocket. Having a fair blend of both a traditional offense mixed in with the newer read-option offense is what coach Belichick could be going for here. 

Although many Patriots fans won’t admit it, coach Belichick is open to the offensive change trending in today’s NFL. The experiment with Newton has proved so. Once Brady left, Belichick recognized that utilizing a blend of read-options and RPO’s while still looking like a traditional offense can be extremely beneficial to his team. In proving so, it definitely benefited the Patriots last season, as they watched their quarterback score 12 rushing touchdowns with ease.

Above all, it would be the best decision for the New England Patriots to draft a quarterback this year. Even more so if this is the type of offense that the Patriots are interested in using in the future. If the Pats are able to draft Fields, for instance. He can sit and watch Cam for a while until Belichick thinks he’s ready to take over the starting role. 

It would be great for the New England Patriots to have a plan in mind this time around for the future of their quarterback position.

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