Dodger Fans Are What You’d Expect Them To Be

The Dodgers and their weird roaming fanbase are surely fun to be around.

Like the guy at the party who has a new BMW and just can’t help talking about it, (but it isn’t a brag), they are out here being…exactly what you’d expect.

People from LA being the worst! Shocking!

Revenge Motivated?

I find myself asking why, like many twitter users.

The fans and city did not want this, the ownership did it and we kicked and screamed.

Everyone loved Mookie, why do this?

Is it revenge for a pitiful performance in the world series in 2018? When we, the obvious better team, won in 5 games?

Y’all were mad so you stole out best player type situation?

Listen, Dodger fans, we truly do not care about you or your team at all (until now).

Do you guys want to feel big and powerful like the Yankees? With a rival?

Trying to be Edgy?

Another option is that they are trying to be cool and edgy.

“Look at us we came at another fanbase lol so cool” is the exact vibe you’d get from some fake edgelord who lives with their mom in LA.

It’s okay though, enjoy your kombucha and MLM schemes, LA.

It makes no sense to sucker punch a fanbase while down and start beef.

Shouldn’t you all be more concerned with the (ostensibly) second best team in baseball just south of you?

Whatever, I’ll forget about this (and so will Boston fans) in a week anyways.

Good one, dudes!

Go Padres!

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on Twitter)

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