Who Got Snubbed From the All-Decade Team?

Yesterday the NBA released their NBA All-Decade team, and Twitter and ESPN discussed who got robbed of the honor and who on the list shouldn’t have made it.  For those who live under a rock and haven’t seen the list here it is:

Listen, this list is almost perfect but if we’re looking at the top 15 players from 2010-2020 then some of those players don’t belong.  My initial reaction was that the first team is correct.  LeBron, Curry, KD, Harden, and Kawhi have all been the leagues top 5 players for a couple of years now.  I have no problems with the first team.

The second and third team, however, is where the criticism comes into play.  It’s hard to judge who the top 15 players of the past ten years are.  Because what are we basing this off of, championships? Most impactful? Scoring?  Like what did the NBA use as a baseline to come up with this list.  The first team is easy, it’s the best 5 players in the league.  But like do we consider Chris Paul as a top 10 player in this decade? I don’t.  Same goes for Carmelo Anthony.  Anthony had legit two good years with the Knicks and then his career fell off.  I personally don’t think Carmelo should be anywhere near this list.

Like in all honesty, what has Anthony Davis done to be considered a top 10 player of this decade.  Davis has had…. oh right TWO playoff appearances.  That isn’t enough to be considered a great player of this decade.  That whole second team is full of players who “almost made it.”  Like how do you not have an NBA Champion in the second team??  Only one deserving on that second team is Russell Westbrook, the rest of them can go back to the YMCA.

Then we get to the third team.  I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan.  I think he’s the GOAT, and he was my favorite player growing up despite being a die hard Celtics fan.  Putting Kobe and Dwayne Wade on the third team is a sin, and the NBA should be ashamed of themselves.  Kobe and Wade alone have three championships in that ten year period.  That’s more than everyone on the second and third team combined.  Now I get people are losing their minds over Kobe being on the third team, even poor Molly walked off the set this morning because of Max’s asinine remark:

But what the hell is LaMarcus Aldridge doing on this list???? Were the people drunk when they thought of this?  So wait you’re telling me Aldridge had a better run losing in the second round every year with Portland than NBA champs like Dirk Nowitzki, Klay Thompson, and Tim Duncan???? WHO MADE THIS LIST!  It’s a spit in the face to all basketball fans, and I demand answers.

Putting Aldridge on the list is so bad that people ignore that Giannis made it.  Giannis has had one good year and now he’s a top 15 player of this decade?  Do people just forget what Dwight Howard did with the Magic or what Ray Allen did with both Boston and Miami?

I can’t wait until people realize that LaMarcus Aldridge made this list and people freak out again, but rightfully so!

With all this being said my top 15 would look something like this:

First Team

LeBron, Curry, KD, Harden, and Kawhi

Second Team

Westbrook, Klay Thompson, Kobe, Wade, and Tim Duncan

Third Team

Chris Paul, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Ray Allen, and Dirk

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)


One thought on “Who Got Snubbed From the All-Decade Team?

  • August 8, 2019 at 11:48 am

    U think giannis only had one good year your obviously drunk


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