Red Sox Snap Eight Game Losing Streak With Win Against Royals

Cue up The Waterboy!!

With the help of Boucher, the losing streak is over!

Okay, so obviously Bobby Boucher wasn’t the reason for the losing streak ending. But, the Red Sox are finally back in the win column. The local nine ended up with a 7-5 win over the Kansas City Royals last night. Here are a few tidbits to take away from the win last night.

Rick Porcello Had A Quality Start

The starting pitching has not pitched up to expectations this season. It has been a very rough season for Rick Porcello. However, Porcello put all of that behind him and put together a quality performance to give the Red Sox a much needed chance to win.

Six quality innings from Rick and only one run was given up. That is how the Red Sox pitching staff should be throwing on a more consistent basis. He only gave up four hits and two walks while accumulating five strikeouts. I’ll take that every time, if it means putting the Red Sox in a good position to win the game.

The Offense Was Good Once Again

The Red Sox offense once again swung the bats well. There was no shortage of power and clutch hitting in this one.

Same Travis and Rafael Devers found themselves going deep in this one. Andrew Benintendi had a two run double that ended up being bigger than we all thought at the time. The Royals would find themselves within two runs as the bullpen made things interesting (again!) for all of Red Sox nation. Long story short, the Red Sox offense looks to be firing on all cylinders at the moment.

It’s The Royals…Calm Down People!

As much as I love a Red Sox win, it was against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals are the worst team in the entire MLB with a .296 winning percentage. This is not the Royals team that went to two consecutive World Series and won one of them. That team is a thing of the past. This team struggles greatly and the Red Sox should be taking care of business against this team. If this were the Indians or Athletics, then it would be more impressive.

In Conclusion

A win’s a win, right? The Red Sox did what they were supposed to do last night. It also doesn’t hurt that the Rays, Athletics, and Indians all lost last night either. They have a long way to go to catch those teams. But, they do play the Royals twice more and then the Angels for four at Fenway. If they go 6-1 or even 7-0 in that span, they might gain some ground. It’s one game at a time at this point. But, the losing streak is over! Thank GOODNESS!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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