Here’s a Video of Steve Smith Trolling the Hell Out of DJ Moore

Steve Smith is an all-time legend in the NFL. And I’m not only talking about his play. Because yeah, he was a stud receiver and ton of fun to watch, but the guy kept everything entertaining as hell. I remember when he and Aqib Talib went at it a few years back. It was one of the most intense battles between a defensive back and a receiver I’ve ever seen.

But to talk about whether or not he should start the then-rookie Wide Receiver DJ Moore right in front of… DJ Moore… that’s how you make a rookie feel uncomfortable.

I’ve seen and heard some speculation on whether or not Smith knew Moore was behind him so let me settle this right now. Of course, he knew he was there. Do you think he actually was going up to Cam Newton with no other purpose than to ask him who he should be playing in his fantasy lineup?

I heard Newton mention insider trading too and honest question here. Could a guy in the league really get in trouble for handing out Fantasy Football advice? We have our own Fantasy advice here too by the way at Couch Guy Sports if you’re looking.

I love everything about Steve Smith Sr. I know people hate on him but sports thrive when you have guys with an attitude like his. He was a “win at all costs” type of guy and brought the competitive nature out of people. Actually, I need to watch this. So here’s the link to his game against Talib in 2013.

He was serious too when he told Moore he was going to smack him if he got him two points. I don’t know when this happened so pray for his sake that this was one of his big weeks.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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