Who Doesn’t Love a Friday Feel Good Story?

I think we can all agree, 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year, like at all. We’ve seen so many twists and turns, Kobe Bryant tragically passed away, Tom Brady left the Patriots for Tampa Bay, we’re in the worst pandemic in the last 100 years, sports had to take a back seat and then they came back again, the racial divide in the country is atrocious and the Presidential election has everyone on edge, we desperately need something positive in 2020. Then just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, there was a beacon of light on the horizon. So why not let me hit you with a Friday feel good story to wind down the work week.

By now you have seen the TikTok video of the dude on a skateboard sipping Ocean Spray Cran Raspberry juice while singing Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”. Every time I watch his TikTok, I can’t help but get into a good mood. The video is just good vibes and it puts a smile on my face.

How can you not feel good after watching that video? The fact this dude had the ability to TikTok himself on a skateboard while drinking a 64oz. Cran Raspberry is a feat of strength in itself. Full disclosure, I can confirm that thunder, would not only happens when it’s raining but when I’d wipe out trying to skateboard and drink Cran Raspberry at the same time.

In a world where social media can be extremely toxic and full of anger, doggface208 dropped a video that made people feel good and forget the stress and pressures of the world, even if it was for only 22 seconds. Sometimes good can come from social media, in fact Ocean Spray gave him a free truck. You see, the day he was riding his skateboard and then made one of the most famous TikTok’s ever, his truck broke down. When Ocean Spray learned of that they thanked him, which it’s the least they could do considering they got free advertising from that TikTok went it went viral.

How cool is that? Dreams can come true… okay corny I know. But c’mon, how can you not get fired up for this dude after seeing that? He even got Mick Fleetwood to recreate his Tiktok.

In fact Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumours” has hit the Top 10 chart, 43 years after its release. Due to the song “Dreams” going viral, the song jumped to No. 7 on the charts. I can speak to that as well. I have listened to “Dreams” non-stop since it went viral again, I can’t get it out of my head. To be honest, I’ve played it more than drunk chicks at the bar playing Cardi B “Wap” on Touchtunes. Full disclosure, I hate that song, so much.


At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure doggface208 didn’t make this TikTok because he thought in a few weeks time he would be the darling of the internet and make boat loads of money and get a free truck. But now he’s doing commercials, TikToks, he’s on Cameo. This dude is making the best of it and I can’t blame him.

The dude was just vibing in a world that needs to just calm down, this dude was just being himself and being free. As we all try and recreate the TikTok video riding a skateboard and drinking cranberry juice, let’s not forget at the end of the day he was just being himself and we need more of that in this day and age.


Cheers, doggface208, never stop being you.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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