White Sox Contenders?

The White Sox signed Jon Jay to a one-year, 4 million dollar contract. Is this big news? No, not at all. Does Jay make the White Sox legit contenders? Of course not! Only reason it is mentioned is because Jon Jay is close friends with one of the biggest names on the free agent market. Manny Machado.

In addition to adding Jay, the White Sox also acquired Yonder Alonso earlier this offseason, who just happens to be Machado’s brother in law and the two of them have offseason workouts together. Is this a coincidence that the White Sox make all these moves and are in on the Machado sweepstakes? I think not!

If the White Sox do end up signing Machado that instantly makes them a contender for the division.

As a whole the AL Central is relatively weak. Mix Machado in with Abreu and Alonso in the middle of that lineup, paired with Yoan Moncada up the middle, suddenly the White Sox are a lot better.

I would not be shocked to see them win close to 95 games this year with Machado is in the lineup. They have a great farm system that may take a year or two to develop but they will be legit a year or two from now.

I think he ends up signing with the White Sox and if he does, personally, I will have more respect for him.

It is clear he wants to be “The Guy” and not just take the Kevin Durant approach and join a team that is already loaded.

He wants to be the face of a winning team. Signing with the White Sox does that for him. I want to see Machado on the South Side of Chicago. I miss the days when the White Sox were actually good and definitely want to see those days come back.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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