All Elite Wrestling announces talent, first show, and more

The news broke last week of a new promotion conjured up by Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks called All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This past Tuesday in Jacksonville, Florida, the boys hosted a rally that would shine some light on more details regarding the follow-up to All-In last September.

The first bit of new talent to be sworn in was SoCal Uncensored. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky. Unsurprising to most of us that watch BTE, but a very welcome addition. SCU!

The Young Bucks and Cody took the stage and made the big announcement that their next show, “Double or Nothing” will fittingly take place in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on May 25th.

The theater is reported to fit upward of 17,000 seats per show, which is a dramatic increase from the 10,000+ tickets sold at All-In. Cody also included that wins and losses will matter more than ever and that fans will not be told who to boo or cheer. We can be whatever kind of fans we’d like.

Brandi Rhodes came out next to talk about her position as Chief Brand(i) Officer of AEW, and what they have planned for the Women’s Division. She announced that women will be paid equally to men. “There will be no slider bar,” in regards that women will not be paid less than men just because of their genders. She also announced the first female to be signed, Britt Baker, who went on to say she was not only the first female athlete to be signed, but one of the first athletes the promotion signed which goes to show how much they value their women’s division.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman interrupted one of the hosts to give a Miz-like heel promo, only to be bonked on the head by indie-darling Joey Janela, accompanied by Penelope Ford. The duo announced that they are now “All Elite.”

A fellow member of the Elite, Hangman Page laid his claim to becoming the first AEW champion, only to be interrupted by someone wrestling fans should be very familiar with: PAC, or formerly known as Neville in WWE. The two stared down, only for PAC to tell Hangman he couldn’t even lace his boots. There’s a main event match right there folks.

That wasn’t the last surprise, however. Cody and the Bucks came out once more to thank everyone, and to say there will be a show in Jacksonville before “Double or Nothing” and a large portion of the gate will be donated towards victims of gun violence. They said goodbye, and then a very familiar superstar’s music hit.

Chris Jericho made his unannounced entrance to tell us that he is “All In on All Elite Wrestling.”

A video was later uploaded to confirm that he is now exclusively signed to the promotion. Yes, EXCLUSIVELY signed. Check it out below:

Later that night, Chris Jericho was quickly moved to the alumni section of WWE’s superstars. He made his exit to a bombardment of pyro and proclaimed that “We are not only going to change the world. We are going to change THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!” He will be the household name that shines that extra bit of light on the promotion if people are unfamiliar with the Elite. Some might know who Cody and the Bucks are, but you better know who Chris Jericho is.

Tony Khan did a few interviews after the rally. He went on to talk about how he wants to have a balanced touring schedule, as he doesn’t want to wear the wrestlers down with having them perform every night in a week. He also said he wants his roster to be covered with health insurance, and make them full-time employees. This takes things to another level entirely. Even the great WWE doesn’t have health care for it’s “independent contractors.” This proves that AEW will treat its talent better than anyone else in the business.

Finally, finally, WWE has a competitor in the business again. Someone to drive them beyond complacency. Someone to show them how good pro-wrestling can be presented. Someone to change the wrestling world.

Stay tuned for more AEW coverage as it comes.

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