Celtics Lose to Heat…But That Wasn’t the Main Concern

The Boston Celtics were riding high going into Miami last night to take on the Heat. They had just gone 4-0 to start the new year at home, including an impressive 135-108 win over the Indiana Pacers.

The Celtics came into Miami, hoping to pull off an impressive second win of a back to back on the road. Unfortunately, the Miami Heat had other thoughts.

The Celtics ended up losing 115-99 to the Heat last night, dropping them to 25-16 at the official halfway point of this season. Kyrie Irving led the way once again with 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. Marcus Smart had 18 points, with Jayson Tatum and Marcus Morris adding 17 of their own. But the main story wasn’t on the court, it was actually during a timeout.

Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris were caught getting into a bit of a disagreement. Marcus Smart was there to separate the two because come on, it’s Marcus Smart! Would you expect anybody else to break this thing up? Tempers were flaring between the two and to be honest, this came at the absolute WORST time!

The Celtics were riding high on their four game winning street and finally looked to be turning a corner. They were happy, having fun, creating better chemistry and coming away with some solid wins. This was the LAST thing the Celtics needed.

Some of the fighting might have to do with Brown not having as big of a role as he had last season. The return of Gordon Hayward has made minutes for everyone tough to find. But you have to realize, Marcus Morris won’t back down from anybody in the league. Remember, this is the guy that screamed in Lebron’s face in the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

Is it a bump in the road? Yes. Is it something the Celtics will never recover from? C’mon, really?! If you have to ask that second question, you don’t know this Celtics team. The second half of the season is coming up and if I’m any other team in the NBA, I would be very scared to play the Boston Celtics.

To end on a positive note, here is Terry Rozier swapping jerseys with his NBA idol, Dwayne Wade.

Take care of business in Orlando and Brooklyn, and get ready for a big tilt at the T.D. Garden on Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors, plain and simple.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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