Where Do The Celtics Go From Here?

After giving myself a few days to decompress and really think about how the Celtics let their best chances of winning a championship slip.  I am ready to talk about what I think they should do next year to finally get over that hump.

If you watched any game this year, you know how bad their bench was the entire year.  In my opinion, I think the Celtics have the worst bench in the NBA and I honestly don’t see it getting any better.  Their best option is going to have to improve it through the draft.  Right now they are projected to get the 14th pick and I swear if Danny Ainge drafts another slashing wing I’ll be bullshit.  But anyway, back to the Celtics bench.  It was beyond frustrating watching Tyler Herro (the 13th pick in the 2019 draft) kill the Celtics, while all of our rookies, including Romeo Langford (the 14th pick in the 2019 draft) sat on the bench in casual clothes.  This has nothing to do with Langford, but why even draft him?  He has absolutely no fit on the court when his position is already taken by 3 great NBA players.  Another coaching/bench decision is the use of Robert Williams.  I thought Williams played well this year when he was able to actually play his game.  But I guess not.  Okay, maybe his defense can be a little wishy-washy but that boy can sure block a shot.  How many times were we going to see Bam Adebayo just put a quick move on Theis and get a bucket?  The bench is the main issue with this team and needs to be the first thing addressed.

The next issue is the lack of cap space.  In my opinion they should have went out and traded for a veteran presence for the playoffs.  Get a guy who has been there and can lead this group of young guys in the right direction.  Almost someone like Jamal Crawford or Andre Iguodala would have been a great fit.  Granted one would have cost nothing while the other probably a few players and a pick.  But nothing major is my point.  But no, the Celtics couldn’t do either.  They couldn’t because they can’t afford to pay either of them because of Hayward’s massive deal.

Next is the decision around Hayward.  We all know that he is going to opt in.  No one would ever leave $35 mil on the table.  So what do we do with this.  We can still win with Hayward on our team, but we need to strength that bench and that $35 mil can help do that.  I would be totally in favor of re-signing Hayward but for a team friendly deal and have him be this great locker room veteran presence that can lead.  Right now the Celtics don’t have a leader.  Brad Stevens refuses to name a captain so everyone thinks they are a captain.  We see how that turned out with Marcus Smart yelling at Jaylen Brown and having them hate each other during that Heat series.

These are just the main things that I noticed this year and some of the immediate things they need to do starting next year.  On top of these, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens need too also step up and do better at their jobs and the rest will fall into place.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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