What’s Wrong With Lamar Jackson?

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens battled it out for a battle of first place in the AFC North.  The Steelers continued their dominance and won 28-24.  But after watching the whole fourth quarter, I can confidently say that Lamar Jackson looks bad and the Ravens are in trouble.  Despite the Ravens being 5-2, they have not looked like the same team as last year.

For starters, Lamar Jackson is slowly turning into Cam Newton…

And by that I mean he is turning more into a runner than a thrower and in the NFL you can’t win that way.  Baltimore’s struggles this year are either Jackson’s fault or the OC’s fault.  I think I am going to lean toward Jackson’s fault.  I think the OC see’s Jackson’s capabilities and knows that he can’t throw the ball to be affective.  Which can get you by in the regular season, but come playoff time or even against good teams (Pitt, KC, Tennessee) he can’t overcome those teams, and unfortunately it all comes back to him being a runner before a thrower.

It must be super easy to game plan against Jackson.  You simply just stack the box and let the receivers get picked up by linebackers and the secondary.  If you know he can’t throw the ball that takes away one whole side of the game.  You can see the frustration Hollywood Brown and Mark Andrews show when they continue to not get the ball game-after-game.

But let’s talk about the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game that I watched

They were down 4, and I watched the Ravens RUN.  I watched a team who was losing RUN THE FOOTBALL… They were draining time off the clock.  Then it was 4th and 3 from the PIT 15 and I think everyone in the world knew Lamar Jackson wasn’t throwing that ball, and to all of our beliefs he didn’t.  Jackson did a QB draw and got stopped.  Game over.

After that play Twitter flooded the timelines with Jackson hate and that he can’t win a big game.  I mean the evidence stands and he can’t win a big game, but he is still young and has a lot to learn.  But Jackson won’t be a starting QB in the next 5 years if he can’t throw the ball and Baltimore won’t be winning anytime soon if he can’t throw the ball.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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