Bill Is Giving Up On The Pat’s Season and So Should You

The living legend and grump extraordinaire has spoken.

This Patriots season is a wash. This team STINKS and watching them is TOTAL BS!

The Hoodie spoke earlier today on WEEI and said this:

I guess he is not wrong, but this implies that this season is the outcome of “selling out.”

Oh wait, we don’t have to imply that, he said that as well!


The Season is Over

Even with the expanded playoffs, ESPN FPI gives the pats a .5% chance to make the playoffs.

1.5% of teams that have started 2-5 have made the playoffs, and those came in some poor divisions.

The AFC East is decent this year, which does not help.

The Jets are abysmal, but the 4-3 Dolphins are decent and just beat a good Rams team.

The Bills appear to be good, even if they are an obvious first round and out candidate. It is hard to see them not winning 10 games at this point.

Can you see the Patriots going 7-2 down the stretch to get to 9-7 and snag a playoff spot? Doubtful.

It is time to mourn, we are toast.

Ok, But There is Some Hope

Well, Mr David Andrews think so.

But let’s be honest, once a coach starts whining like that (which Bill has never done, really), it is over.

Bill is punting and so should we.

Gilmore is probably gone too either before the deadline or after the season.

I am sad.

The Patriots are toast. Glad it is an asterisk season at least where the Pats have been as affected as any team.

We have an excuse!

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